{summertime} adventures & a crafty project!

I saw this super cool summer schedule while blog browsing one day and thought it was such a fun idea.  So of course I instantly pinned it for future reference! ;)  Even though I love the catchy names of each day...I wanted a bit more flexibility to my weeks.  
So I've decided to incorporate these things throughout each week but the order will just vary.  Plus with Little Bit in a cast we can't quite do water days yet.  This was our first week putting our summer schedule into motion and it was fabulous!  

Monday...took a trip to the local museum for a butterfly storytime and played in the children's area
Tuesday...doctor appt, ran errands & met friends for lunch
Wednesday...stayed home, cleaning & organizing day
Thursday...craft day & picnic/play at the park
Friday...library reading program, grocery shopping & garage sales!

Each week will also include...reading time, writing practice, exercise, cleaning, errands, play dates & plenty of snuggling!

I absolutely loved how our first craft project of the summer turned out.  As soon as it was dry I framed that bad boy and hung it in the craft room!  So of course I had to show you all!  ;)  

The inspiration for this project came from Pinterest....where else...it is just such a great resource!  This one uses paper, a plastic cup, and paint.    

You start out by stamping circles with the cup.  They used black paint to do this but I tried a black ink pad instead to lessen drying time and I really like the more subtle lines.  

Here are all the circles stamped.

Then Little Bit got to work with her water colors!  She did such as amazing job coloring in each segment of the overlapping circles with different colors.  She even added some personal touches of her own. 

I especially love the little smiley face in the upper left corner!  :-)

So our summer fun is off to a great start!  What fun things do and your kiddos have lined up for this summer?

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