Meeting {Anna}!

Little Bit is a tad Frozen crazy....she LOVES the movie, soundtrack, toys, books and any Frozen related item in between!  So one thing on her list for Disneyland was to see Anna & Elsa, the Frozen princesses.  The lines are over 3 hours long people!!!  There is no fastpass for this in California. :(

But wonderful hubby had a plan to get to Disney gates super early and see how close we could get to the front of line.  Little Bit and I followed behind a bit later and met up with him in line.  His efforts paid off and we were 7th in line at park open to see the much anticipated princesses! 

Unfortunately Elsa was not meeting.  I guess she was off freezing something that morning...lol!  She is Little Bits favorite and she was a bit bummed but LOVED seeing Anna.  Anna is my favorite!

Little Bit was wearing her favorite Elsa shirt and carrying her new doll!  One side is Anna, then flip her over and you find...
Elsa!  One tip...when you see something Frozen related...buy it!  We saw this first thing and thought we would wait a bit.  She was set that this was the souvenir she wanted for the trip.  So the hubs went and bought it around lunch.  Lucky thing cause by that evening they were sold out!

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