Homework ready!

Defining an area in your home for school papers and homework was essential for getting Little Bit ready for starting school last year...and again this year.  Not that she had that much homework in Kindergarten, but it was nice having a designated place for all the papers coming in and out.  I posted about my back to school organizing where I used an existing dry erase board and turned it into a school information board.  A few times Little Bit brought home an assignment that didn't have to be turned in right away.  So we would work on it, then hang it on the board with a magnetic clip.  When it came time to turn it in we knew exactly where it was.  

This year Little Bit will be starting first grade.  I am sure she will be bringing home more school work than last year.  She has a small table and chair right beside our school info board.  It is the perfect spot for her to be creative and complete school work.  We have it all set up with jars of pencils, markers and crayons!  We even added a little wall art collage to help personalize it!  She loves that is is "her space" and is already wanting me to give her "homework" that she can do.  {Hello Pinterest and first grade worksheets!}  She is definitely ready to get this school year started!

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DanaY said...

Such a cute homework spot! I bet she'll do great in first grade!