all {american} getaway...

Last week Little Bit, the Hubs and I piled in my parents van and took off with them and my sister and headed north to Minnesota. We were on our way to the Mall of America!!! Somehow we ended up with quite a few America's on this trip! Here are some highlights...

We took a quick detour on the way up and stopped in LeClaire, Iowa at Antique Archaeology.....home of the American Pickers show on the History Channel! We love this show and it was awesome to get to see the shop in person!

Back on the road and we were on to our next America stop....the Mall of America. I have been there twice before...and every time is a great experience! We always wear ourselves out but it is well worth it!!!

Next up....American Girl! This was Little Bits and my sisters 1st time experiencing an American Girl store. Little Bit just got an 18 inch doll for Easter {Target's Our Generation doll} and was excited to go to the Eva store....that is her doll's name. Both girls picked out shirts for their dolls.

On the way home we took a different route and saw a sign for the American Gothic House. It was a free museum that had costumes and pitchforks, so people could reenact the scene from the original painting. Of course the hubs and I had to do this!!!

What a fun American journey!


Jeanne said...

It all looks like lots of fun! Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

JenMarie said...

Great pics!
'My' gals are sooo into American Girl!!