Letter Zz

{It's hard to believe we have gotten through the whole alphabet already....seems like we just started! So glad we did this....Little Bit has loved having "projects" to work on and has learned so much throughout this process. Hoping to do some themed things over the summer and then she's off to preschool in the fall!}

"Z" topics...zoo, zebra, zero

{Circle Time}
Calendar...Talk about the month and days of the week and put sticker on the day we are discussing.

Reading...My "x, y, z" Book by Jane Belk Moncure
Two at the Zoo by Dana Smith
When Lulu Went to the Zoo by Andy Ellis
My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Songs/Rhymes...The Z says...

{Letter Craft}
Z is for Zebra...{this one is my design}

Coloring...Letter Zz

Letter Identification...
find the letter worksheet
...do a dot letter printables
...build a Z with craft sticks

Spelling...Little Bit is still loving to spell her name! She loves getting on my laptop and typing in a word document. She types her name, mom and dad. She got a new doll for Easter and has learned to spell her name too!
...tray with magnetic letters and cards with words {ZOO, ZIP}. Little Bit placed the corresponding letters over the letters on the cards...while sounding out each letter.

Zebra...dot to dot zebra. This is a great exercise for getting letters in the correct order and drawing lines!
...Zebra jigsaw puzzle. We just found these puzzles when on letter Y and Little Bit just loves doing them. This is another great tool for practice moving the mouse because you have to drag the pieces to line them up in order to finish the puzzle.

Zoo...Little Bit has been into building with her blocks lately so we decided to build a zoo for her Little People animals! She had so much fun setting it up and making a home for each of the animals.
Zero...We have been introducing Little Bit to math. She loves doing simple addition. We have been working on zero and what it means. She has really caught on quick! I found this book at the library and she loves it....I Can Add by Anna Nilsen! It has flip cards with fun addition problems.

Activity shelf...treasure box; patterns with animals/colors; opening/closing activity{Little Bit's favorite this whole time!}; pom pom transfer to suction mat; pom pom transfer to strawberry traw; ice cream sensory box {pastel pom poms, ice cream scoop, ice cream erasers, gems for sprinkles, bowl, spoon}; sorting shells by big and little; rice bin with rake and race car; shape matching using our shaped buttons and dollar store banners that I cut apart.

Computer time...Starfall {we worked in the ABC section with the letter Z}
...Little Bit also loves to get in some computer time when we go the library. They have computers set up in the children's area with games, stories, etc. She loves working on Jump Start PreK!

Just thought I'd share a picture of our alphabet tree all filled up!

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