organizing memorabilia for project {life}

I love to be organized but for the past year I have failed at organizing my memorabilia that I want to include in my project life album.  :(  I just kind of stuffed everything in a manilla envelope, not in any particular order....oops.  So when it would come time to put a particular week of photos together I might leave out something I wanted to include, like a receipt, tag, coloring page, etc.     

So this 2013 began and I decided it was time for a better way to organize those bits and pieces.  

I had an old 12x12 accordion paper organizer that I wasn't using anymore and it had just the right amount of pockets...one for each month!  So I labeled one section for each month....

Now I can drop stuff in to the appropriate month and know right where it is when I'm ready to scrapbook that week.  

The great thing about this organization project is that it didn't cost me a thing!  I already had the folder and labels!  Remember to peruse your stash before you head off to the store to purchase something.  You never know what you might already have that you can repurpose!