penguins, polar bears & ice...on my!

Still on winter at school this week...we jumped into penguins, polar bears, and ice!   

I set up this water bin for the kids to have fun with and they thought it was pretty neat!  I just put a few inches of water in a large plastic bin, broke up some pieces of styrofoam and added some penguins and seals.  They loved making the penguins swim in the water, dance on the icebergs and jump all around!
We are also talking about rectangles this week, so we made a rectangle shaped penguin!  The kids loved reading about penguins and learning fun facts about them.  We also talked about some of the different names of penguins and they picked which one they would like to be.  Favorites were Macaroni, Rockhopper and Gentoo.  ;)

We played a game where the kids had to waddle across the room like a penguin and then they got to eat 2 fish, goldfish that is!  This game was a big hit!  They wanted to waddle like penguins whenever we walked in a line somewhere too!

The hokey pokey is such a fun song and dance to do.  We adapted it again this week to do the penguin pokey {bill, wings, webbed feet, whole penguin}!  

For pretend snow, we got out the shaving cream and played in it on the table.  I had the kids draw letters, draw circles to make a snowman and just get creative on their own. 

We also talked about ice...how it's made, feels and what happens when it gets warmed up!

What we read...
Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks
Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice by Steve Metzger
If You Were a Penguin by Wendell & Florence Minor

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