{warming up} in winter

This was our last week on the winter theme.  We talked about ways to keep warm and what some animals do in winter.  
We practicing writing letters and numbers in hot chocolate powder.  The kids loved this!  I had them write each letter in their name and the numbers 1-3.  If they didn't know how to draw a letter, then I drew it and they traced it or wrote beside mine.  Such a great pre-writing activity. 

One day we did hot chocolate tasting.  The kids got to put marshmallows in and tell me if they liked the hot cocoa or not.  Only 2 of the 12 kids did not like it. 

We used giant marshmallows to paint with.  Using them as a stamp, the kids pounced circles all over their paper.  

Counting marshmallows was another fun activity we did. 

The kids were so excited about marshmallows this week, they kept wanting to eat them...so we did have some at snack time.  

Making patterns with mittens was another fun activity.

What we read...
Under My Hat I Have a Hood by Karla Kuskin
The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel
When the Snow Comes by Jonathan Allen
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

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