{valentines} door

When it comes to my classroom door, I love having it decorated!  It is fun to change it out for the seasons and the kids love finding their names or picture.  I realized as I started taking the valentines decor down that I hadn't taken a picture of it yet!  So here it is, minus 2 hearts.  ;)

This one was pretty simple!  I have "Mrs. Maple's class" up on my door all the time, so I like to make my titles work around that.  I searched pinterest and didn't really find anything I loved.  I did see several with conversation hearts though so I decided to go with that.  My kiddos really are sweethearts, so this title was very fitting... "Sweethearts in Mrs. Maple's class".  I then created a heart template the size I wanted and cut enough for each person in the class using the fun conversation heart colors.  I wrote each child's name on a heart and randomly placed them on the door!

I just changed to hot air balloons....LOVE it!  Look for pics to come later!

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