{button} thumbtacks

I am always looking for a new crafty project and love to repurpose things around the house.  And it makes me more excited to find a purpose for something when there is an owl involved! 

I picked up this owl corkboard in the Target One Spot section a year or so ago.  It was hanging in Little Bit's room with all her Disney pins on it until she got so many pins we had to get a new board!  So I was left with this cute little guy that was begging for a new home!  ;)  I had the perfect wall in my laundry room that needed some embellishing. 

I wanted to dress him up with some cute thumbtacks.  So I gathered my supplies...buttons, flat head thumbtacks, and glue dots.

I picked out a few buttons that matched the laundry room color scheme, placed a glue dot on the flat head thumbtack and attached the button.  It was really that simple!

 Here he is adding that perfect touch of cuteness to my laundry room!

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