one little word....{CREATE}

Do you have a "one little word" for 2014?  Have you even heard of the "one little word" concept?  It was started by Ali Edwards several years back.  The idea is that you pick a word for the year to focus on.  Almost like a goal or something to strive for throughout the year.  There is no wrong or right word, just something that goes along with where you are in your life and maybe even where you want to be.  

This is the first year I am choosing a word and my word is CREATE

I have this word displayed in my craft space and I'm hoping it will keep me motivated to put that word into play in my daily life.  Here are some ways I plan to incorporate CREATE into my daily life this year:

...do something personally creative at least once a week.  This can be anything from home decor, crafting with my daughter, crocheting, doodling, scrapbooking....just something that makes me smile!  I really want to stay on top of my project life album.
...create time each day to deepen my relationship with God.  I am doing Beth Moores' Jesus The One and Only study right now with ladies at church.  I also get daily emails from She Reads Truth and love those short devotionals and words of encouragement.  I have gotten these emails for some time but I don't always make time each day to read them.
...not worry about having the house always picked up and create time to play with my daughter.   I want to be able to snuggle with her and watch a movie, color in her coloring books, play with lalaloopsy's or have a dance party in the living room and not feel like there is something else I should be doing! We love laughing together and I want to create more opportunities for that! 
...create more date opportunities with the hubs.  Whether it be coffee and a movie in the living room, walks around the neighborhood, or board games at the dining room table, I just like spending time with him and want to be more intentional about it....and creative too! 
...I love books and have a stack of them I would love to get through.  I am hoping to create more time for getting lost in a good book this year!  Currently I'm reading A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman. 

Sometimes I feel like the time is just wasting away and I want to be more intentional about how I am spending it.  My hope for 2014 is to have a year full of creating wonderful memories with my family and friends! 

If you have a word for the year I would love to hear it!

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