{It's my birthday} and I'll shop if I want to....

Today I celebrated the big 35.  Yep, that's right it's my birthday!  I have had a pretty fun and laid back birthday so far doing things that I love.  First off spending time with my family!  Little Bit told me that I could do whatever I wanted today and she would even shop with me if she had to...lol!  I did take time out to enjoy an arty party with her and some of her friends.  {Happy Birthday Annie!}

I also enjoyed some Starbucks with a good friend, scrapbooked with other friends, chatted with family and got in some shopping time!  Here are a few of my birthday shopping treats thanks to gift cards I received for my birthday and Christmas...

First stop....Old Navy.  The women's clearance was an extra 20% off yesterday and today.  I was lucky enough to snag this cute jeweled sweatshirt in cream for under $8!  I couldn't find it online but this grey one is still $30 online!  I think I got an amazing deal! 

Next up....Target!  My home away from home...lol!  I wasn't even really looking for anything but I walked by these long sleeved raglan tees and this green one just jumped out at me.  So I brought it home.  ;)

In Hobby Lobby I really wasn't looking for anything for me but you know how that goes!  ;)  {We were shopping for blank canvas so Little Bit and I could continue the arty party at home.  I will post a pic soon!}  I happened to see those black metal owls on clearance and knew I had the perfect spot for it in my craft space. 

Such a wonderful start to the new year!!!

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