Magicstick review...

Before Christmas I was asked if I would feature the Magicstick by Powerocks on my blog.  I was super excited to try it and out and knew it would be perfect for my hubby.  He uses his smart phone for everything and is needing to charge several times in a day.  I received it right before Christmas so I wrapped it up and let the hubs open it on Christmas morning. ;)  He had been wanting to try one and now had the chance! 

It is super light weight and fits in the palm of your hand.  It is very easy to travel with and super easy to use!  It comes with the cord you need to connect to your computer for charging the Magicstick and for charging your electronic devices. 

My husband loves that he can easily have it plugged into his phone and still use the phone.  You don't have to worry about being close to an outlet or stretching a cord across the room!  He takes it to work with him, uses it on the go and around the house. 

I think this will come in extra handy when we are on vacation....especially out all day in Disneyland {which is where we are going on our next adventure!}  We use our phones alot when at Disney...to see wait times for rides, character meet and greet schedules, park maps and of course taking pictures!  With the Magicstick we won't have to worry about our phones dying before we get back to the hotel to charge them! 

I highly recommend the Magicstick if you are an on the go person and constantly using your electronic devices.  We have definitely found it to be quite useful!

Thanks so much to Powerocks for supplying me with a Magicstick to try.  All opinions are my husbands and mine.  

For more info, check out powerocksmedia.com

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