Easter basket goodies...

Easter is this coming Sunday so I'm sure many of you are starting to put together baskets of goodies for your kiddos, grand-kids or other special little ones in your life.  I thought it would be fun to share what my basket for Little Bit consists of.  Plus share some of our old and new traditions!

One thing Little Bit looks forward to in her basket are a few candy treats.  This year she is in love with Twix eggs.  ;)  So I've included a couple of those, some Reese's eggs, gum & a Spongebob Pez (she LOVES Spongebob).  

She is also into surprise toys or blind bags at the moment.   These are items that come in a container or bag and you don't know exactly what you are going to get.  We have been Lalaloopsy fans for a few years now, so when I saw these blind bags at Meijer I picked up 2 for her basket.  Shopkins are another fun one she is excited to collect, so 2 of those made their way into her basket as well.

Little Bit still loves playing play-doh.  So I picked up a 4 pack.  I plan to hide a couple little dolls inside the play-doh, forming it into an egg shape.  This is another surprise item for her to enjoy!

A favorite tradition Little Bit loves is hunting for eggs around the house Easter morning.   Most of the eggs are empty or hard boiled but a few have a little surprise (money!)  

I also love to include practical things in her basket.  Her favorite color is blue at the moment, so when I saw this cute top at Meijer I knew she would love it!  Plus it has some bling on the pocket...win, win!  ;)  A toothbrush is another item I like to include.  I found this cute Hello Kitty one in the travel product section.  

Finally I love including a soft and cuddly stuffed animal in her basket.  She loves her "buddies"!  Isn't this bunny adorable?! 

Right now at Meijer you can snag one of these for FREE when you buy 3 cards from American Greetings.  They have grey and white bunnies available.  You could buy some cards for your child's teachers, grandkids, neighbors, neices or nephews or any other special person you have in mind!  They have a wide selection of cards to choose from.

So head to Meijer this week to pick up your 3 cards and get your free bunny!  While you're there check out all the wonderful goodies available to fill your ultimate Easter basket.

Thank you to Meijer for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.

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