Displaying kids artwork...

I have been so impressed with the artwork that Little Bit has brought home from school.  They are always learning cool techniques, using wonderful colors and with such creativity.   But once they are home and we express how much we love it and how proud we are...what do we do with it?! 

One day last year Little Bit brought home 4 or 5 pieces of her artwork.  We had created an art wall in her room to display a couple canvases she painted.  So this was a great place to add a few of her newest creations. 

Last week she brought home this fish and was so proud of it.  She got so excited telling me all about the process they used to make it.  So I knew it needed to be displayed!

We also had this owl she made that was on display at her schools art show!  I LOVE it!  So I grabbed some washi tape and got to hanging.  They are both proudly displayed in our kitchen on the pantry door.  It was a big white canvas just waiting to be filled with a couple beauties!  ;) 

Once it's time for them to come down, I make sure I have taken a picture of it.  This is a great way for me to scrapbook that memory.  Then some pieces will be saved in a folder or keepsake box while others will be discarded.  We can't keep everything so by keeping our favorites and taking pictures of them all I feel like we have a good system in place.  

How do you display or store your kids artwork?  

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