Deals of the Day...Kmart, Meijer

What a day for deals! All this for less than $25!!!

Yesterday my friend Jamie and I were out and about. Our main goal was to try and get some deals at CVS. They didn't end up having what we wanted so we were off to see what else we could fine.

Kmart was a big hit. They had many items on clearance and some we matched with coupons. A few highlights....Jones 12 packs ~$1.00 and Hershey's 100 calorie packs ~75 cents!

Then we were off to Meijer. Did you know that they have printable coupons??? We just discovered them. I will post more about them later. We paired many of these coupons with weekly sales. A few highlights...spaghetti sauce ~ 50 cents, dry pasta ~ 17 cents, chocolate chips ~50 cents, graham crackers ~67 cents!

Remember....check clearance racks and pair coupons with sales to save big!!!

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

go look what my latest rally is all about. hee, hee.