Glamourous Deals!

Check out a couple of these great Glamour promotions:

Great Looks Are In The Bag......Need an excuse for a CVS/pharmacy shopping spree? Buy any of the products listed here and you’ll receive this hip black tote filled with summer beauty essentials!

The Brilliant Mouth™
The powerful line of REMBRANDT® whitening products provides uncompromising whitening performance allowing you to step into the spotlight with confidence. Make the first move towards your Brilliant Mouth™ today.

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JenMarie said...

Hope I get my bag! Sent off for it today!

misspooh8 said...

We don't have a CVS in my area so I emailed my mother in law and have her going to buy something from the list and send me the receipt. My husband thinks I have gone nuts, she probably does too but at elast she said she would do it! Thanks for posting this!