Family Fun for $2.00

Today my hubby and I put the baby in the stroller and took a walk. We had heard that one of the restaurants in town was having a promo day and giving lunch for $1.00 per person. So of course we had to check it out. We walked uptown.....saving on gas money and getting our exercise...to see if it was for real. It was great!!! You could choose from italian beef, bbq, hot dogs, or brats. Then there were side options of chips, slaw, potato salad and baked beans. Finally a drink and dessert! What a great afternoon of family fun for only $2.00!!!

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Jackie D. said...

Hey Mandy...sounds fun and even more that you could save the gas $ too. We just got back from walking to the grocery store and it was so nice to get our exercise too. See ya...Jackie