Deals of the Day...Walgreens

I wasn't going to use the Walgreen's $10 off $30 coupon today until I read my friend Jamie's blog. Her post reminded me about the Huggies mail in rebate that was extended until June 15th. I thought the deal was sooooooo good, I ran to Walgreens in between storm fronts. Not too long after I got back the tornado sirens started going off! How crazy am I?!!
I got 3 packages of Huggies and a box of Excedrin for $15.63. Plus I can do the mail in rebate and get $5.00 back....making the total only $10.63. That is about .11 per diaper!!!
Now I can't wait for the Pampers deal at CVS starting Sunday! Another great diaper stockupportunity!!!

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