4th of july crafts...

What better way to get ready for the 4th of July weekend then with a few crafts to decorate the house!

Here is a flag we made. I tore strips of red construction paper and Little Bit glued them to a piece of white paper. Then she glued on a blue piece and put some star stickers on. She only wanted 4 stars {cause that's how old she will be soon....hehe!}

We hung this on the fridge using letter magnets U, S and A!

Next we made a firecracker out of a toilet paper tube. She covered it with red construction paper. We added some blue in the middle and a few stars to sparkle it up!

Then we took yellow pipe cleaners and twisted the tops around a pencil so they would be curly. We just placed these in the center of the tube to make flames.

This found a spot right on the kitchen island.

Next we made beaded bracelets. I cut some red and white twine, taped one end down and Little Bit started beading. She created a pattern that she said I had to copy too....our bracelets had to be the same! ;)

What fun crafts have you been making lately?

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Emily Leiphart said...

These are super cute projects, Mandy! I love your daughter's flag with four stars! :D