dress to shirt {to skirt}.....

Have you ever had a favorite article of clothing that you just couldn't let go once it didn't fit right anymore??? Well that's how Little Bit and I felt about this dress. Yes, it did start as a dress once....size 18 months to be exact. I couldn't find a picture of Little Bit in it so you will just have to take my word for it! ;)

The colors and style of this dress are just too perfect! It totally screams summer to me. Once it was too short to wear as a dress, Little Bit started to wear it as a long shirt. Here it is paired with jeans....she also wore it with long shorts....totally cute! One of her favorite parts of the dress/shirt are the little pockets!

But there came a point when the top was a little snug fitting and it just wasn't wearable anymore. So off to the pack away pile it went. Until one day I had an idea.....what if I turned it into a skirt!

Here is the dress all laid out....ready to be altered!

It already had a shirred portion at the top of the dress. There were a few rows that extended below the arms. So I just cut as high as I could under the arm pits leaving about 2 or 3 rows of the shirring....creating an instant waistband!

Here is the new skirt!

And here is Little Bit modeling it for me....she didn't want to take it off!!! Now when it gets too short....if she still likes it...we can pair it with some leggings!


JenMarie said...

CUTEness! and Brilliant!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

that's just perfect! great work!

Jeanne said...

What a clever idea!