is it thanksgiving {tomorrow}?

Little Bit is all into knowing when things are going to be, but she doesn't quite get "tomorrow" and "yesterday", let alone "in 2 weeks". So we got her a calendar to hang in her room and each night she can mark the day off. We put stickers on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so she can count the days until those holidays.

But for the day to day stuff, I wanted something different. I thought having something out that we could see everyday would be helpful.

First I went through our week and pulled out the main thing we do each day. I searched google images and found pictures of them to print off.

I printed the images in black and white and let Little Bit color them to add her own personal touch. Then I wrote the name of that days main event under the picture.

We hung them on the fridge using day of the week magnets. Now each morning we look at the fridge together and find out what we will be doing that day. This is helping her to learn the days in order and recognize the day names.

I even printed off ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have them clipped on the side of the fridge until we need them. Then I will just place them on the day of the week in which that event falls on.

Little Bit loves knowing what is going on each day and I think this is a big help!

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