{shoebox} doll house

Little Bit just loves dolls and making little "houses" for them wherever she can find. So I decided to make her an actual "house" that she could play with her new little Christmas dolls in. {When I say new, I mean new to her....I bought them at Target on clearance last year and just got them out for her to play with!}

I started with a sturdy shoebox and some scrapbook paper.

I found some paper that looked like wallpaper and cut it to size. Then I used some white for the ceiling and some brown for the floor.

Next I made a window and some wall art! ;) I used some pictures of Little Bit with 2 of her aunts and a couple of decorative punches for the wall art.

Here it is all decked out with her dolls! I cut 2 little pieces of felt for blankets and she grabbed some pom poms for pillows. Then we turned a votive holder upside down for a table. Little Bit had the idea to put the lid on top for the roof....she is quite a creative girl! ;)

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angathome said...

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