{foto} friday...

I'm linking up with Jeannette again over at Life Rearranged for her InstaFriday feature. Here is my {retro} week...

As you saw from my previous post about Halloween, Little Bit got quite the use out of her costume...and she loved every minute of it! Here is a quick one I snapped of her while we were trick or treating at the mall on Monday night.

At our house Jenga blocks are used for everything besides actually playing the game. This week we built a bridge, a fence and this tower.

I found this recipe several weeks ago and decided to try my hand at making one. I just used instant coffee and chocolate syrup instead of the cocoa powder {because that's what I had}. I have never been a fan of paying like $5 or $6 a bottle for coffee syrups so I was excited to find some at the Dollar Tree recently....score! So I picked up some caramel to use just for this drink! It turned out pretty yummo if I do say so myself!

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