FREE {organized simplicity} & 2012 book list...

One of my goals for 2012 is to read more! Those who know me personally, know that before I had Little Bit I worked at the local library for 6 years! I love books but I just don't make enough time to read. It would take me months to get through a book. Well I have a long list of books fiction and nonfiction that I would like to read so I decided to make reading more of a priority this year. I have been setting aside time most nights to read before going to bed. Here a few of the books on my list...

A Turn in the Road {currently reading}

The Help

The Best of Me

David: Seeking a Heart Like His {currently reading}

Grace for the Good Girl

One Thousand Gifts

Organized Simplicity {You can get a free Kindle Edition on Amazon.com right now! Don't have a Kindle, don't worry. I have the Kindle app on my phone and that's how I read the electronic books I get for free. There is also a PC version you can download.}

The Perfectly Imperfect Home

We will see how far I get with this list and if anything else gets added to it! I for sure know there will be more decorating books added to this list once we get into our new house!

What are you reading or hope to read this year?

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