fun with {squares}

We just loved the book My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall....so when I saw he had a new book we requested it from the library straight away...

It is called Perfect Square and it is perfectly delightful! ;)

It is about a square who is just happy being a square but then gets cut, ripped, crumpled and holes poked in. It journeys through a week and shows what he is turned into each day. We decided to recreate 2 of our favorites from the book...

I gave Little Bit a square of yellow paper and let her rip it into pieces. Then I drew some stems on a white piece of paper and she glued the scraps of yellow on the stems to make flowers.

For this one Little Bit wadded up a square of purple paper then flattened it back out. I helped her rip it in half and then she glued it together to make a mountain. Then we each drew some clouds in the sky.

She really enjoyed the book and these projects!

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