{homemade} hair detangler

Do you request every hair product sample you can get your hands on?! Well I request quite a few because really who doesn't love free shampoo and conditioner! But my problem is, I get them and then they just sit in the drawer because I forget to use them....oops!

I had seen the idea for homemade hair detangler a while ago and thought...I should try making that. We just finished off this bottle from Target so it was the perfect time to whip some up...AND what better to use than my samples of conditioner!
I reused the empty 10 oz bottle, squeezed in 2 sample packets of conditioner and added about 8 oz of warm water. Then I replaced the lid and shook for 30 seconds to mix it all up.

This works great! Little Bit doesn't have real long hair but it sure can get tangled. I think I am going to put together a travel size bottle to keep in our swim bag for combing out wet pool hair!

Have you had any luck with making your own products lately?

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