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Little Bit has loved playing with mega bloks and duplos. Those are both fairly large and pretty easy to store. We recently branched into legos, once she saw the new girl building sets that were available! She got some money for Valentines Day from family so she used that to get her first set.

Legos are teeny tiny so I knew we needed a storage system just for these little guys!

So I picked up one of these divided storage containers. It comes with little plastic dividers you can slide into the grooves to make smaller compartments but for now leaving the 5 areas open works. The bigger compartment on the right is just great for the instruction books and the little dolls, while all the legos {for now!} fit on the left.

{These containers are really great for crafting too! I have used them for storing buttons, brads, eyelets and embroidery floss!}

Here is Little Bit playing with her set. She loves making the desks, lemonade stands, etc...but her favorite part is really the little girls that come with each set!

Do you have any great ideas for storing your kids legos?

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