we have a {hole}!

I mentioned back in September that we had bought land and were preparing to build a house. Well work has begun! They started last week and we already have basement walls! It moves so quickly. We are in the thick of picking out every last detail and there are just too many choices!...but it really is fun! ;)

We stopped by the lot as a family on the way to dinner one night to see it all marked off. Little Bit had a blast running around the wide open space. She is standing where her future room will be!
Little Bit and I stopped by while they were digging out the basement and she got a kick out of watching the big machine work!

And here is our hole! It really amazes me at how nice and smooth it all is. This week the basement walls were poured and framing will begin in the next week or two!

If you have any advice from building your own house...I'm open to hear it! ;)


A.J. Dub. said...

Some things I remember from building are that you can never have too many electrical outlets. Plan for many different furniture arrangements, tv and lamp and computer placements, vacuuming etc. And don't forget the kitchen counter/island!! It stinks not having a place to plug in your mixer. :)If the garage will double as workspace, make sure there are plenty in there too.
Oh and light switches too. Big rooms double switched so you can turn lights on and off from either side of the room and wired for both lighting and fans.
Make sure you have a place for an extra freezer to plug in.
Hope that helps!

JenMarie said...

Start packing ASAP! You'll be busy busy towards the end with all the 'finishing'.

Christine said...

This is sooo cool!!!! :) I love the tips A.J. Dub has given you! Great ideas!

Mandy said...

thanks for all the helpful comments girls!