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We recently checked out Polly's Pink Pajamas by Vivian French from our local library. I just love when you can judge a book by it's cover...this one looked cute and the story turned out to be too!
It is about a little girl who loves her pink pajamas so much that she wears them all the time. But when she gets invited to a friends party she realizes she doesn't have any party clothes to wear. She goes around to several different friends borrowing articles of clothing, trying to find an outfit for the party. Everything she gets is either too big or too small and so she is sad....until she finds out the party is actually a pajama party!

Little Bit loved the story! So we decided to make an activity out of it....who doesn't love paper dolls?! ;)

I found a printable paper doll template and got to cutting! We tried to match the clothes in the book as best as possible. Here is Polly all decked out in her borrowed clothes.

Here she is in her pink pajamas! ;)

Little Bit had fun coloring the face on Polly and helping pick out the papers for her clothes. She is loving dressing her up!

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Comeca Jones said...

This would be a cute project for a Easter basket filler ! Oh I wish I still had lil ones alas my daughter has exchanged paper dolls for jeans that cost as much as a new purse ugh! lol They dont stay small long(insert me yearnin for my wittle girl again)