Dr Seuss activities...

Last week at school we celebrated the wonderfulness of Dr Seuss!  I have so many pictures to share that I am breaking it into 2 posts.  This one is activities and crafts that we did.  The next one will be the outfits I wore!  ;)
Simple paper plate Cat in the Hat!  Just take a paper plate and have the kids paint around the outside edge.  Draw a cat face in the center and then attach a hat!

I made these truffula trees by twisting yellow and black piper cleaners together and then hot gluing a large pom pom on one end.  The kids had fun sticking them in the playdoh. 

I printed off a hat, drew some lines and circles for this tweezer transfer activity.

This was a one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish activity.  The kids had to count how many ovals there were on the big fish and then paint it red.  The little fish were just glued on. 

We rolled the dice and counted the dots to know how many fish to add to the bowl.

I created these Lorax and Cat in the Hat props for a fun photo opportunity with the kids!  They loved this!!!

And of course we read some great Dr Seuss books!  How did you celebrate Dr Seuss' birthday?

Stay tuned for my Seusstastic wardrobe!!!

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