Dr Seuss week....clothes!

Oh the thinks you can think and the things you can wear!  LOL!  I shared some of our activities from Dr. Seuss week here but also wanted to share my outfits from the week. 

Monday...I only had 1 actual Dr Seuss shirt and I knew I was wearing it later in the week, so I decided to whip up a Cat in the Hat shirt super quick.  I found a hat template online and cut it out of white felt.  Then I cut the strips apart and cut every other one out of red felt.  I hot glued the red strips to the white.  Then I glued it all to a blue t-shirt that was in my Goodwill pile.  Then I took a black sharpie and outlined everything. 

Tuesday...We did Tacky Tuesday, in honor of the book Wacky Wednesday.  Since I have a TTh class and a MWF class I had 2 dress up days.  So this is day 1 of the craziness for me! 

Wednesday...Wacky Wednesday!  Another day of craziness!  I even taped shoes on the walls for the kids to find.  We had a rode on the side of a bookshelf to drive cars on and we colored under the table!  We also walked backwards on our way to recess.  The kids so loved dressing up and acting wacky and I did too!

Thursday...We did some fish activities so I thought it was appropriate to wear my 1 fish 2 fish shirt this day!  I found this at Wal-mart last summer.

Friday...My partner in crime, AKA the other 3 year old teacher, and I were Teacher 1 and Teacher 2!  I found the printables for these on Pinterest.  Then I just dressed in the colors of Thing 1 and 2.  This might have been my favorite outfit of the week! 

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss...can't wait to celebrate you again next year!!!

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