wet basement...

Well I have been absent from blogland for a little while cause we had a mess to clean up....ugh!  Our pump quit working and we got water backed up in our basement.  Luckily it was only about an inch and we didn't lose anything major...but we did have to get the carpets dried out, replace our padding and baseboards.  And do you recall that we have lived in this house for less than a year!  Go figure. 

Here is the unfinished part where most of the water was.  

Then in the finished parts it was mostly wet around the perimeter of the rooms.  This is the bedroom after the carpets were ripped up, pad removed and furniture up on foam blocks.  

One big bummer was the baseboards were ruined.  They just soaked up the water and had to be replaced.

We had the last of the workers in today to finish up down there.  Hopefully we are back to normal now.  I have lots of posts to catch up on....so look out!

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Jackie said...

Yikes! You might want to consider having a battery back up for your sump pump. We remember when we lost power because of tornadoes in the area (in Springfield) and with all the rain, peoples basements were flooding. We have considered doing that here in Nebraska too.