Pinterest Challenge...week 1 {patched jeans}

Last week I posted about a Pinterest Challenge that I was taking part in.  So...I didn't go in order of the way I numbered them but that's ok!  I didn't really think about the order I would do them in when I was writing that post.  I ended up starting with #2...patching some jeans with a hole in the knee.  Here is the link to my inspiration photo.

I have had these jeans for awhile and love wearing them but then I got a hole in the knee and decided I should probably toss them out.   Or maybe not, I thought.  I saw this cute pic on Pinterest and decided maybe I could save my jeans with some patches!
I dug through Little Bit's recent pile of clothes that she has outgrown and found these jeans.  I cut out three patches to use on my pants.  A large patch to cover the hole in the knee and then 2 other patches to balance things out. 

 I used Wonder Under and my iron to attach the patches. 

Then I decided they could be jazzed up a bit...so I accented each patch with some stitches.  Using yellow embroidery thread  I whip stitched around some of the edges on each patch. 

I also stitched some along the bottom hem of each leg, where it was fraying. 

I'm not sure if patches are in or not anymore but I think they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! 

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Amber Koogler said...

Cute! I really want to add lace to Jean shorts but I'm not that brave yet!