happy mothers day!

I feel so blessed to be a mom to my wonderful Little Bit!  She always knows how to make me smile... and often laugh hysterically.  There are definitely trying times but I love every moment!  

I also am so lucky to have the best mom and mother-in-law!  So thankful for this weekend and the time we had together! 
Girls road trip!!!  My mom, 2 sisters, Little Bit and I drove to Paducah Saturday morning to visit with my grandma & grandpa.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Olive Garden and a teensy bit of shopping before heading back home.  

Then I joined my mother-in-law and sis-in-law at the movies to see The Great Gatsby that just opened this weekend!   Here is my mil with her favorite character.  
Becca and I had to get our turn by the adorable Leonardo!   We had fun dissecting the movie as we enjoyed dinner at Panera!  Thanks to all my favorite ladies for a wonderful day!  

Wishing you all a happy day...enjoy every moment!  :D


Emily Leiphart said...

Happy Mother's Day, Mandy! Thanks for sharing your precious photos!

Dana Marcotte said...

Great pictures!! How was the movie? I'm hoping to see it soon with Tyler. Glad you had a great day!!!

Jeanne Korando said...

I also had a great Mother's Day weekend! Thanks for being a part of it!