Things to pack for Disney

Since we are gearing up for Disney in a few weeks I decided to share some tidbits I've learned over the past couple trips.  I shared about planning your trip last week.  Today I'm sharing some things that I pack to help save money and be prepared while in the parks.  So here you go...

glow sticks | These are a must if you plan to be in any of the parks at night.  They sell fancy light up gadgets but you will pay a pretty penny for them.  So I usually pick up a pack of like 10-15 glow sticks for a buck at Target or the Dollar Tree and we are set.

travel spray bottle | Disney has these fan/spray bottles that are way pricey.  We saw them the first year and learned super quick to bring our own.  I started off with just a cheap dollar spray bottle filled with cold water.  Then last summer I found a water bottle/spray combo.  You could drink the water and/or spray the water.  These are great on the HOT days and good entertainment for the kiddos.

ponchos | There is a good chance you will get rained on for a bit while you are at Disney.  I found 2 packs of adult sized ponchos at the Dollar Tree and keep those in my park bag.  If you don't use them great, but it's better to have them and not get soaked!  Plus you could use them to throw over your stroller to keep it dry if you are on a ride or taking cover somewhere!

stroller | Even if your child is older and think they can walk...take a stroller.  Little Bit is 5 1/2 and we are still taking a stroller for her.  You do ALOT of walking at Disney and they will get tired.  There are times when I wish I had a stroller for me to ride in!  ;)

autograph book & pen/sharpie | This is a must for us because one of Little Bits favorite things is to get character's names in her book.  From our first trip when she was not quite 3, she has been loving getting autographs.  This is something that I make for her each time. If you forget one or aren't sure your child will want to do it, there are places to buy them in the park.

pins for trading | Last year was our first time pin trading and we all had fun with it!  We just bought some off ebay and let Little Bit choose which ones she wanted to keep and trade.  There are also various places throughout the parks that you can purchase pins.  The come individually or in sets.  In 2011 we were in Magic Kingdom on their 40th anniversary, so I picked up a fun pin that day to remember the occasion! 

To trade pins all you have to do is approach a cast member who is wearing pins and ask them to trade.  This is a fun scavenger hunt for your kids to find that perfect, new favorite pin! 
We just used a lanyard we had already and stuck our pins to trade on it.  Make sure you put the backs on good, because the pins can fall off fairly easy. 

ziplock bags | These are great to have when you go on water rides.  Keep your phone, camera, glasses, wallet, etc. in the ziplock so they will stay dry.  Also great to keep your autograph book in to keep it safe.  Plus many other uses...wet clothes if you or your child needs to change, snacks, pins for trading.

first aid kit of sorts | sunscreen, chapstick, bandaids, tylenol, hand sanitizer/wipes, gum/mints

small bag cooler | I have one that just folds flat and I can smush in my suitcase, not taking up much room.  We usually shop at Wal-mart or somewhere when we get to Orlando and buy some snacks, water bottles, etc that we will need for our stay.  We try to eat breakfast in our hotel to save some money...usually just cereal or donuts.  Then we pack snacks like cheese sticks, crackers, fruit, and snack bars to have in the park.  Plus we freeze water bottles and then take them with us.  We also pack flavoring for the waters.  This helps lessen the dirty taste of the Disney water...if we have to drink it.  Water bottles are a must for us!

pre-bought souvenirs | Months before our trips I am on the lookout for Disney things that I can get fairly cheap to keep Gracie entertained on the plane, in the hotel room or while waiting in line at the parks. We have also shopped at local shops off Disney grounds and found some great deals that way too.  In September when we went it was over her birthday, so I packed 5 small gifts {since she was turning 5}.  She opened 1 each day until her birthday.  Then she got to pick something from the park on her birthday.  This trip she has been saving money in a special castle bank to buy her own souvenir.  She knows exactly what she wants too...a Vanellope doll, from the new movie Wreck it Ralph!
Here is an example of one of the gifts we had for Little Bit last trip.  They are some fairy dolls that I found at Goodwill!

camera | A no brainer but just had to throw that in there!  I take most pics on my smart phone but it is nice to have our good camera for some shots as well.

Any must haves on your Disney packing lists?

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