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Continuing with my all things Disney posts, I thought I would share a few fun things we do while traveling to Disney.  We have flown the last couple times and will be flying to Disney on this upcoming trip, while this gets us there in WAY less time than driving there is still quite a bit of travel time.  So I like to have some fun things to keep Little Bit entertained. 

I created this Mickey matching game a couple years ago.  I used paint chips from Home Depot.  If you don't have a Home Depot close {or if these aren't available anymore} you could always make them by hand.  You could find a Mickey head punch or just print a template off the computer.  This memory game was a fun new game and great way to pass time at the airport or even on the plane. 

I really like to introduce NEW items while traveling because it is exciting and helps keep Little Bit entertained longer.  I also like to make them Disney themed.  This time I found a few things in the Target dollar section...Alice in Wonderland coloring book, journal and some markers.  I also found a Cars themed Etch a sketch for like 35 cents on clearance and have been saving it for something like this!  The Dollar Tree is also another great place to find goodies.  I usually give a few things on the way there and save a couple for the way home. 

Other fun things we like to bring are pipe cleaners.  Little Bit loves to twist them into various animals, objects, etc.  These are also cheap and can provide great entertainment for your little ones...and you too!  ;) 

A couple favorite books and magazines usually find their way in the travel bag too.  Make sure the books are ones you don't mind reading over and over!  

We also make sure to load a few movies and games that she loves on her phone.  She has the hubs old phone that isn't activated but is great for loading with her own stuff...and she loves it!  I pack ear buds just for her and she wears them like a pro. 

Of course some time will be spent eating, looking out the window and just chilling!  How do you like to keep your kids entertained while traveling?

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