I'm at Disney World...Now What?!

Here are just a few more tips to help you get the most out of your Disney vacation!

If you are new to Walt Disney World...do your research!   Some websites to definitely check out are touringplans.com and easywdw.com. You can see what park is the best choice to go to on what day.  Plus you can put in what rides, characters, etc. that you might want to do and it will give you a plan for your day.  Sometimes we don't always agree with the order they put things in but if you are new it is definitely a good place to start! 

When we get to each park we have a specific area/ride that we speedily head to first.  Here are our top choices for each park, keep in mind that we are traveling with an adventurous yet girlie 5 year old ;)...
Magic Kingdom | New Fantasyland...Enchanted Tales with Belle {Well Enchanted Tales with Belle was ok but not worth the wait we had...the second day at Magic Kingdom we went straight for Under the Sea and it was a much better choice!}
Hollywood Studios | Pixar Place...Toy Story Midway Mania
EPCOT | Future World...Soarin'
Animal Kingdom | Africa...Kilimanjaro Safaris

Get to the parks early!!!  Arrive in plenty of time to get from the parking lot, get your tickets, get bags checked, take picks outside or whatever you need to do.  Getting there a little before the opening time allows you to walk right in and get on just about any ride you want to with minimal waiting!  It's usually a little congested right by the entrance but people filter out and then you are ready to ride...or seek out characters....whatever suits your fancy!  ;)

Make sure you use fastpasses!!!  If there is a ride you know has long lines and you definitely want to ride it...either ride it first thing OR get a fastpass.  You can only have one fastpass out at a time and it gives you a specific time frame to come back to the ride and walk right on with minimal waiting.  Not all rides have this option but most of the more popular ones do.

Make sure you are enjoying yourself!  I really don't think you can be in a Disney park and not enjoy yourself, but don't run yourself so ragged that you aren't having fun.  Also, don't come in so unprepared to where you aren't getting anything done.  You have to find that happy medium...especially if you are going with kids.  Put yourself in their shoes and think about what would make them grin from ear to ear!

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