30 Days of Thankful!

Can you believe that today is the 1st of November?!  Where has this year gone?  I was talking to my kids at school today about the month of November and how Thanksgiving was coming up.  It is a time to be remember what we have to be thankful for.  Ashley over at The Creative Place posted her 30 Days of Thankful project today and I decided to jump on board.  It is a month long journey of documenting a gratitude each day.  I try to at least be aware of things I'm thankful for each day but I really like the idea of keeping a journal and actually taking the time to write them down. 

My bible study group just finished up Beth Moore's James: Mercy Triumphs study.  Once of the things I took away from this is living in each moment and not worrying about tomorrow.  God is in control...not me!  As I read James 4:13-17 again this afternoon, the idea of this gratitude journal for the month stuck out to me even more.  I so want to be aware of ALL of God's blessings and enjoy the journey.

So, I am going to take Thursdays throughout the month of November to share some things I've documented in my gratitude journal.  I hope you will join in and take a few moments each day to reflect on what you have to be thankful for and the blessings God has given in your life.

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