{fingerprint} tree...

I ran across this idea of making a handprint tree and thought it was super cute! I decided right then and there that I was going to do this with Little Bit. Well the canvas I had on hand was a small 6x6 square size and I didn't think it would look right....so I opted for plan B....

I started with this canvas I picked up from the Dollar Store. I had a few things in mind to do with it but hadn't gotten around to any of them yet! So it was fair game for this project! ;)

Next I gave it quite a few coats of ivory paint. You could still faintly see the original background, so I cut a piece of tan cardstock and taped in behind the canvas to help conceal the image.

I then freehanded a tree with brown paint and then Little Bit and I got our fingers messy! We used green, burgundy, orange and yellow to create leaves on the tree. {Of course I didn't get a picture of this because my hands were a little preoccupied!...sorry}

Here is our finished tree! I think it turned out just darling!!! I still need to add the date down in the corner like the on the inspiration piece. I'll probably just use a black sharpie to do so.

Loving having this one of a kind art displayed in our living room!

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