{whooo's} been trick or treating?!

My little owl...that's who! Little Bit sure has been enjoying dressing up in her owl costume!

It was fun and super easy to put together. I found the hat first....at County Market of all places! Then I used this tutorial for the owl body {jacket!}. I paired that with brown pants and had the perfect little owl costume! It was so much fun putting it together....and seeing how much Little Bit loves it!

Here is a sampling of all the fun we've had the past 2 weekends! School party, fall festivals, yummy food, games, getting treats!, library storytime and craft,....even trick or treating from Abe and Mary Lincoln!

Tonight we are off for more tricks and treats! Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!


Shirley said...

It's fun to see a costume that is creative and non-commercial. I would say unique, but I guess there are a few other little owls running around out there!

Denise B said...

Very sweet costume, Good job mom!!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Great costume and fun times. :) I see some candy bar filled cupcakes in your future.