Deals of the Day...CVS and Target

Well, yesterday I finally got to CVS for the week. I know some people make it to CVS several times a week or even day to snag up deals but I do good to make it once a week. When I do get there I always keep my fingers crossed that they will have what I want. This time was a success. The best deal was the "Be Fine" skin care packets I had read about on another blog. They are only 1.99 and you get 3 ECBs back!
Next, I was off to Target! My main purpose for going was to pick up formula for my daughter. I have been using the Target brand (similar to Enfamil) for some time now and it seems to work just great. It is about $12 a can, a great bargain compared to the name brand price of about $24. I also picked up a few other things I needed that were on sale this week. My best find was face cleanser. I use Olay facial cleansing cloths...usually around $5 for a box. I found these for $1.61 a box!!! Not clearance or anything, just regular price marked on the shelf! Don't know why the huge markdown but I sure snagged them all up! Plus, I had 2 coupons to take extra off!


JenMarie said...

Ya done good Mando!

Jamie said...

ok, still not sure what that face stuff is from cvs. ??? great deal i would like to try for sure. is it face WASH?