Deals of the Day...Walgreens, Meijer, Target

Yesterday I made it to Walgreens to pick up some of their weekly sale items. Excedrin was on sale for $1.99 and I had $2 off coupons...so 2 boxes for free! I also picked up a Venus razor. It is rumored that they are honoring the ES rebate from last month. I am going to try it, I'll let you know what happens!

Today I had to get to Target for some formula 'cause we were about out. (I think I have mentioned before that we use the Target brand...similar to Enfamil for about half the price...and think it is just great!) I also picked up a couple bags of the Market Pantry frozen chicken breasts for $5.99 each.

Then it was off to Meijer. I was just going in to pick up some lunch meat and fruit. However they were having their 10 for $10 sale with 11th item free. Check out the picture for an idea of what you can get!

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