How do I leave a comment?

I have had several questions on how to leave a comment on a blog post. So....I will do my best to explain.

At the bottom right of each post there is a link that says "comments". Click on this link. You will be taken to a page showing any comments that have been made so far. There is a box that says "leave your comment". Type your comments/questions in the box. Next you will have to enter the letters/numbers you see in a box (to prevent spam messages). Then you must "chose your identity"...the easiest would be Name/URL or Anonymous. If you chose Name, just enter your name and leave the URL line blank. If you chose Anonymous, make sure you sign your name in the comment box so I know who is taking to me! Finally, click "publish your comment".

Also, if like to keep up with my posts, you can register on the left hand side of the home page. Simply type your email in the box under "sign up here". Then anytime I add info to my blog, you will get an email letting you know!

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Jackie B said...

Great job Mandy...take a reference!