{foto} friday...

I just love using the Retro Camera app on my phone! It gives you awesome old school, vintage looking prints. My favorite camera in the app to use is The Barbl. It is so fun capturing day to day moments using this camera on my phone.

Jeannette over at Life Rearranged does an InstaFriday feature every week where she encourages people to link up their day to day life in photos....camera photos that is! So here goes my highlights of the week...

A playdate at the new Scheels in town. The kids had a blast playing in the play area {complete with a slide, tunnels and rock climbing area}, looking at all the animals, admiring the fish, watching the ferris wheel, bowling and grabbing some lunch!

Little Bit is leaving the tricycle behind and learning to ride her big girl bike! She's tried it periodically over the summer but her legs haven't quite been long enough to keep the pedals going but this week she has mastered it!

We saw this heart shaped leaf at the park this week and Little Bit thought it was too cool! So of course we had to bring it home....think it is in the garage still! ;)

One park in town Little Bit likes to play at has a ball diamond. She loves running the bases!

At library storytime this morning the theme was "back to school" and they made chalkboards!

***If you don't already use your phone to take pictures, I encourage you to give it a try! We almost always have our phones with us, right?! So why not capture those everyday moments in a fun way.

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Kimberly said...

Great pics! Your little girl is a cutie. I love the heart leaf too! :)

Veronika said...

What a neat heart leaf... I call my little one little bit too :)

Jeannett said...

oh that leaf! that would look great in a frame with some fabric or scrapbook paper behind it! quick! go rescue it! :)

thanks for linking up!