{foto} friday...

I'm joining Jeannette again over at Life Rearranged for her InstaFriday feature, where every week she encourages people to link up their day to day life in photos....camera photos that is! So here is my {retro} week...

Daddy and Little Bit enjoying the Giant Slide at the State Fair!

Photo shoot in the park! I've been wanting to get some pics of Little Bit before her 4th birthday but have been waiting til she got a haircut. Well that happened this week...so off to the park we went! I'll be sharing more pics soon... ;)

After we took pictures I let Little Bit play for a while. She loves to climb and was excited to show me how she can make it to the top on this web-like climbing tower!

My girl sure loves her dips! Mother-daughter lunch at McDs. She likes BBQ and ranch for her chicken, ketchup for the fries and caramel for the apples....but sometimes she mixes and matches....crazy girl!

Our main excitement this week is that...we bought LAND! We have been studying house plans for weeks and have ours picked out now. Everything is exciting and scary all at the same time. We decided to browse through Lowes the other night....just to get some ideas flowing. This is my stash so far...cabinet book, paint chips, counter top colors...I need to start a binder!

We got {bugy} at the library today! Aren't those bug glasses just too cute! I think both girls said they were butterflies!
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Jackie said...

Hi Mandy...looks like fun at the State Fair...I miss that! Some great pictures of Little Bit, she is such a cutie. Hey...excited about your new land and planning a home. Can't wait to hear how it comes together...keep us posted! hugs

Kimberly said...

Cute kiddos! Congrats to starting a new home! That would be amazing to get to pick out every little thing! And my little boy is crazy about dips too ;)