infinity scarf...

I saw this infinity scarf at Old Navy the other day and thought it was super cute but didn't want to pay $15 for it. Plus I had been seeing tutorials around blogland...so I've had in the back of my head that I would try making one.

I had gotten a remnant of knit fabric at Hancock Fabrics a month or so ago. It was just a long and narrow piece...perfect for a scarf! So I evened up the sides and then sewed the ends together...creating an infinity scarf!

Here are 4 ways I thought it could be worn.... 1.just hanging long. 2.wrapped around once, creating a double loop, with one loop long and one close to neck. 3.wrapped around once, same double loop as #2 but top loop is looser. 4.wrapped around 2 times...creating a triple loop bunched close to your face.

I love the teal/grey combo! Plus the weight of the scarf is light enough it could be worn year round. Best of all, my scarf only cost me $1.60!

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

Perfect, looks great! :)