train {coffee} table!

Little Bit just loves playing trains. But we would drag out all the pieces, set it up on the floor and she would want it out for a few days. It would usually be in the way...trust me, stepping on train cars or stop signs is not good on the feet! ;) Plus when setting it up on the carpet the tracks didn't always lay flat.

When we would go to Toys R Us or somewhere with a train table all set up Little Bit would be so excited and could stand there and play for hours if we would let her. But we didn't really want to buy a train table when you never know how long she will stay into trains. So......

...our train {coffee} table was born. We took our coffee table out of the living room once Little Bit started pulling up and walking and just haven't put it back yet. We have a smaller living room anyway so it makes for much more floor space for playing and dancing around.

So we set up the coffee table in the basement and the tracks fit on it perfectly!

There is a shelf under the table, so I picked up 2 of these blue baskets at the dollar store and they fit perfectly and work great for storing extra tracks, trains, etc.

Little Bit enjoys having the tracks set up all the time so she can just jump in and play whenever she feels like it!

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