{dec 15, 16, 17}

I'm playing catch up today. We had a busy day yesterday and I didn't get around to blogging.

So....on Thursday Little Bit's advent card said to pick a few unused toys and donate them. It was so cute watching her go through her toys and stuffed animals. She would say "Mom, I don't really play with this anymore but it might make some other kid happy." That just makes me smile! I love that she didn't have any problem giving up a large sack full of stuff.

Then last night our activity was to enjoy a Journey to Bethlehem....which is a wonderful adventure where a wiseman leads you on a journey revealing the story of Jesus' birth. Little Bit was so excited to find baby Jesus at the end of the journey! All the kids got wooden stars along the way to offer as a gift.

Then afterwards we headed inside for some cookies and hot chocolate! {She has been on a hot chocolate kick the last couple weeks!}

Today our activity was to assemble a foam gingerbread house! This was fun...and alot less of a mess than the real one we made! ;)

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