wintery nails...

You might remember that several months ago I posted a review of Essie nail colors fall line. Well Meijer has sent me another package with the Winter Palette for Essie!

The colors always have such fun names like...bobbing for baubles, bangle jangle, cocktail bling....

I love the opportunity to try out the new colors because it allows me to get out of my color comfort zone. When I am shopping for new polish I normally pick colors in the red, pink and brown family. Little Bit loves the polish too! She is wanting her nails done more & more, and again I feel there are appropriate colors for kiddos as well in this collection. She was drawn to the light purple and red!

The first color I decided to try was this dark blue color called "bobbing for baubles". I just love it! As I said in my previous review, I just love how nice and smooth the polish goes on my nails!

Thanks to Meijer and Essie for this opportunity!

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